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The Black Apple

An outsider's perspective
on life, career, relationships, and beyond...

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The Black Apple Book

What is it all about?

Have you heard of the black apple?


In a world of red and green apples, the Black “Diamond” Apple is a rare unknown variety from the family of Hua Niu apples grown in a small mountain city of Tibet. This book is a kaleidoscope of the world and its structures from the eyes of a black apple – an outsider – a thinker struggling with the everyday realities of his life.


The Black Apple is an honest attempt at self-analysis - stemming from a deep-seated curiosity about the nature of self, man and society. In the book, Titas dives headfirst and confronts life with the most difficult question – “How should I live you?” The attempt at answering leads him on a near-spiritual journey of self-inquisition - exploring themes like the accident of birth, detachment, struggles with sensitivity, intellectual alienation, melancholy, identity crises, search for love and the quest for meaning.


The Black Apple will take you on a unique journey of introspection and self-discovery, encouraging you to look inward and formulate your own guide for change. Condensed into small chapters, the book shows an unfiltered and incisive perspective about self, career and relationships, that will leave you calm and hopeful.

"Would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand themselves and the world around them better."

Kshitij Aggarwal 

Data Scientist, BMS Healthcare

Titas Nandi's sitting on a boat in the river Ganges with one of the ghats in the background

Hi, I am Titas.

I am an author, a consultant, and an overthinker. I am 28, and my life journey has roughly followed these phases:

The Diligent Student

Took the path of least resistance, avoided friends and studied like a maniac to crack JEE, chased grades and hustled my way through college.

The Confused Researcher

Decided to pursue the uncertain path of a PhD. Multiple exams, a published paper, 3 grad admits, and many panic attacks later, understood I was trying way too hard for something that didn’t speak to me. Called it off at the last moment, despite everyone suggesting me not to. Didn’t know what to pursue as a career anymore.

The Existential Wanderer

Went into acute depression and lost all sense of meaning. Started studying psychology and found it interesting. Realized that I needed a different medium of self-expression.

The Hustling MBA

Decided to pursue an MBA, hustled and made it to IIMA. Absolutely loved the course, and learnt as much as I could about businesses and people; didn’t care much about grades or placements. Worked with diverse people, managed teams and learnt about leadership.

The Outsider

Returned to corporate life post-MBA, and quickly realized the futility of it all. Took a closer look at my life and found the one unifying thread – writing. Put my whole existence under observation and wrote about it all in a book. Got deeply interested in philosophy and spirituality. Made the question of “Who am I? Why do I exist?” the central theme of my life. Still suffering from bouts of existential crises, but taking it one day at a time.

What's on my mind?

To use my lifetime understanding and hopefully living up to a higher level of consciousness -
a state of pure truth and freedom

To understand the human soul and its workings

To find a concrete way at escaping the triviality of human existence into a life of more courage, more vitality, more acceptance and abundance

Be more precise and sharp with words as to not be a tragedy of self-expression

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